My Mission:  Help You Reduce or Eliminate                                     Income Taxes.

     By Uncovering Income Tax Savings, you can re-direct money from the IRS to your Family, Business, or Charity.

The Tax Man Cometh . . .

     Absent any spending cuts, it's a MATHEMATICAL FACT that Congress will INCREASE TAX RATES.

     Currently, for every dollar that comes into the U.S. Treasury, $0.76 is spent on:

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • INTEREST ONLY on the National Debt

Further, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that in 2020 those four expense items could baloon to $0.92 of every dollar that comes into the U.S. Treasury.

     In addition, the Congressional Budget Office has stated that Congress could be forced to adopt a three-bracket tax system whereby, some of your income is taxed at 25%, some at 63%, and some at 88%.  The three-bracket system will affect those who pay taxes in all social classes.

. . . And he cometh with a Vengeance!

     The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will expire on January 1, 2026.  The Congressional Democrat Caucus, and all the current Democrat Presidential hopefuls, have publicly vowed to repeal the TCJA if they are elected.  Technically, that could occur as early as 2021.

     After the TCJA, the conventional "wisdom" of economic advisors and politicians will be to increase tax rates, add new taxes to what once was considered "sacred" (re: the SECURE ACT of 2020), as well as pass new taxes where there are Trillions of dollars on assets such as, income tax-deferred savings, annuities, and life insurance.

     Wealth taxes - - the epitome of human lust for power and the love of money.  Politicians must have the power, but it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!  This is nothing more than another evil plot of the wicked packaged in a new and colorful wrapper.

     Wealth taxes are an undeniable confiscation of YOUR wealth - - not just the wealth of the so-called "rich."  Don't be fooled.

     The Wealth Tax is THE most deceitful LIE a political party has ever attempted to perpetrate on those who pay taxes in America.

     In this the Cultural Revolution, Wealth Taxes are coming.  Beware.  Be Advised.  Be Prepared.

     It is incumbent upon you to take steps to prepare and defend yourself, your family, and your business against the coming onslaught of tax increases.

It's Critical that You Learn How To:

  • Reduce or Eliminate your personal and business taxable income.
  • Protect your assets against high taxes and government confiscation.
  • Transfer assets to your beneficiaries INCOME TAX FREE.
  • Financially plan to have a ZERO PERCENT INCOME TAX on your retirement income.

     I welcome you to a new way of planning for your financial independence in the Cultural Revolution here in America.

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