How I Help Corporations, Partnerships, and Single Member LLCs


What I Do...

I help Business Owners, Partnerships, and Single Member LLCs reduce, or even eliminate, Federal Income Tax, as well as other taxes.  They can use that tax savings to benefit their Family, Business/Practice, or Charity.

Whether you are a business, partnership, or individual I can help you secure a dependable source of TAX FREE RETIREMENT INCOME that will last to your age 100 and beyond.  

IRA and 401(k) OWNERS: If you do not need the funds in your IRA, (401(k), or other tax-qualified retirement savings plan for your retirement income, there’s good news for you!

The “Distribution Solution”

  • Eliminate IRA Required Minimum Distributions that begin at your age 72.
  • Tax-free withdrawals.
  • Tax-free legacy.
  • Eliminate Market Volatility. 

How I Do It...

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 opened the door for business owners, partnerships, and single member LLCs to custom design a tax-qualified plan that is suitable for their specific needs and objectives. 

A custom designed plan may include the traditional 401(k) salary deferral; profit sharing; pension; IRC §401(h) account; and, life insurance. 

Depending on the circumstances, some plan designs allow over $1 million in tax-deductible contributions in the first year, followed by hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-deductible contributions each year thereafter and include a spouse and tax dependent family members.

Charitable Gift Planning: I design Charitable Gift Plans for Business and Individuals who truly love the joy of giving and want to give more, but lack the knowledge and skills to satisfy their desires.

There is also the option for Wealth Replacement either inside or outside of the estate. This means that upon death the total value of gifts of any kind is returned to the family or business income tax-free.

Gone are the days of "Give Until It Hurts!".

I use IRS Compliant Strategies, Rules, and Regulations. 

  • I’ve saved my clients Millions of dollars in Taxes.
  • Secure a dependable source of TAX FREE RETIREMENT INCOME that will continue to age 100 and beyond. 
  • Design and implement a Charitable Gift Plan for their Business and Family.
  • Leave more to beneficiaries INCOME TAX FREE.

What Makes Me Different?


I am an independent financial advisor, which means I am not beholden to a company or broker-dealer.

That gives me the freedom to use a wide range of financial products that are suitable for you. I’ve been independent for 30 years.

2) My Process.

I use a process that helps you make the right decisions about money . . . and it never fails!

No guessing, no hope against hope, no speculation.

My clients stay with me year after year after year.  And now I’m privileged to advise their children, friends, and colleagues.